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A brand new Facebooking experience

Full-featured Facebook Client

Pica is a full-featured Facebook client, therefore it supports most of the things you would expect from a Facebook client: status update, photo upload, checkin, Facebook Messages...

Smart Gestures

We've built a wide range of well thought out gestures to help you accomplish common tasks easier. Of course, you don't need to know these gestures in order to navigate or like comments, but once you discover them, well, there's no going back.

Lightning-fast Speed

Pica is optimized to load only the data you needed, hence greatly reduces the amount of bandwidth used and improves overal app performance.

Powerful Features

If you are a power user who use Facebook multiple times a day, Pica is really the ultimate Facebook client for you. We've added in many features that are lacking in the official Facebook app such as the ability to favourite posts or send articles directlly to Read Later services.